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The rest of the month is built for knocking it down and moving on.

In effect all year, this searchlight transit has been keeping both the potential and the uncertainty going strong. For the most part, it has produced a sense of shooting in the dark. I think we all agree that the small-drib-and-drab process has not been anywhere near sufficient! As Jupiter disengages from Neptune, the racehorse the better option, the clearer path will start to outdistance the rest.

Mercury—the trade, transport, and communication planet—dukes it out with Saturn on Sunday and regroups with Pluto next Thursday. Relationships social, political, personal and financial matters hit a fuller swing. A no-pain, no-gain archetype, Chiron in Aries is a signature for difficult breakups, separations, launches, firsts, and fresh starts.

Victories will be hard-won, but the fight for truth, betterment, justice, and deserved reward is always worthwhile. Aries March 20 - April Better productivity, solution-finding, and healing are on the roster. Saturn, now done with retrograde, and Mars in full swing with Jupiter assist you to net better progress.

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Give it more time. Sunday through next Thursday keeps you working through it. There may be a compromise or price to pay.

Your horoscope for September 5 to 11, 12222

Taurus April 20 - May Saturn and Mars assist you to get better committed and figured out, especially Thursday. If you lose momentum or backtrack over the weekend, it will be only temporary. Sometimes you need to falter or to see the flip side in order to appreciate what it really takes to stay committed to the betterment plan. Sunday onward, face it; keep it real. Gemini May 21 - June Libra month, starting Monday, can boost your popularity, social life, love life, and ability to forge better inroads.

Cancer June 21 - July The end of the week is for moving on or exploring something new, next, or alternate. The autumn equinox is accompanied by several dynamic transits between Saturday and next Thursday. The week ahead can be a time to face the music or put the nose to the grindstone. Effort is required; stay the course!

Your horoscope for June 6 to 12, | Georgia Straight Vancouver's News & Entertainment Weekly

Leo July 22 - August Planetary aspects from Sunday through the end of the month keep you tackling one thing after another. It will amount to something worthwhile. Virgo August 23 - September The end of the week is mobilizing.

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As of Thursday, you should feel that you can finally get something good or something better going. Even so, it may not come easily or naturally. Libra September 23 - October The recent total solar eclipse in Cancer marks the beginning of a new living-with-yourself chapter.

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It is well supported by Mars, freshly into Leo, a transit that is helpful for personal recentring, for checking in with your heart chakra. Venus, freshly into Cancer, aims to put you back in touch with your deeper needs. Mercury in Leo begins a retrograde cycle on Sunday afternoon.

Monday starts the week on a lively social track. Spontaneity can deliver quite nicely.

Your horoscope for September 26 to October 2, 12222

This duo can incite an aggressive, angry, or reactive moment. Effort applied ends the day on a progressive note. Thursday, anything goes! Aries March 20 - April Venus, freshly into Cancer, keeps emotional responsiveness dialled up. Go by feel; go gentle on yourself and on others. Use Mercury retrograde, starting Sunday, to recentre and reward yourself more. Monday could trigger a conversation, sudden impulse, or heated moment.


Taurus April 20 - May The next couple of days and weeks can give you a better feel for what you are getting out of it, where happiness lies, and what constitutes success. Look to Mars and Mercury in Leo to boost incentive. Next Thursday is hot-wired. Gemini May 21 - June Go easy on it Sunday.

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  • The start of Mercury retrograde can derail plans and the best of intentions. Even so, on Monday synchronicity and instincts are at peak. Next Thursday triggers a next step or issue. Cancer June 21 - July Eclipses set you up to experience life in some larger-format way. Over the next couple of weeks, the eclipses will push you to reconcile with the past and face front in some major way.


    Leo July 22 - August For the most part, the going is good through Monday, but note that as of Sunday Mercury retrograde can prompt a change of mind, mood, energy, or plans. Monday begins the week on a social, lucrative, or spending-spree note. Added effort, patience, or time is required. Virgo August 23 - September The start of Mercury retrograde can shift the plan, the momentum, or your attention.

    Monday, choose social, innovative, spontaneous, or fresh. Watch for the sudden or unexpected to overtake you.